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Most Asked Questions

Do we offer TCI services?

Yes we do offer different types of Artificial Insemination including TI Transcervical Insemination services.

Do you offer surgical insemination services?

Yes we offer this service for bitches that have prior issues and need further evaluation.

Do you accept new clients?

We do, and we would be delighted to meet you and your pet! Make an appointment for your pet's initial evaluation with the Central Florida Mobile Veterinary Services staff today!

Do you only treat dogs and cats?

In addition to dogs and cats, we see exotics such as pocket pets and birds

Is an appointment required?

We prefer appointments, but we will do our best to accommodate walk-ins

Do you offer semen evaluation services?

Yes we offer semen evaluation services that are performed in-house.

Do we test for infectious diseases prior to inseminations?

Yes we can test for Brucellosis prior to breeding.

When should I get my pet neutered or spayed?

Contact us for specifics based on species, breed, and size. Spaying/neutering your pet provides health and behavioral benefits, as well as reducing overpopulation

Do you work with breeders?

We do! We are delighted to offer exceptional treatment in both general practice and reproductive services throughout Central Florida. We are also the first mobile unit that specializes in reproductive and breeding services for all canine and feline species

How frequently should my pet get examined?

We encourage yearly checkups for most pets, with elderly animals coming in at least every six months. Our vets do health examinations on a yearly basis, as well as annual vaccines or booster immunizations, parasite screening and prevention, and comprehensive lab testing.

We need to see puppies and kittens on a more regular basis during their first year of life. We recommend checkups and blood tests every 6 months for pets over the age of 7, to help us detect illnesses and concerns before they become a problem

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    Mobile Veterinarian Serving Orlando, FL
    Mobile Veterinarian Serving Orlando, FL